But what have you done that qualifies you?
This idea for a campaign, this website, the graphics, the idea of marketing through
word of mouth, taking no money...

All of it is evidence of my unconventional solutions and ability to put them into action.

If you like what you see, join me.  
No one else running for Senate
can do the things I can do.
It really is that simple.

I have a well-rounded background of experience like few others.

From farm work as a kid,
to pumping gas and fixing cars in high school
to lab tech/ chemist in college working in quality control and research and development for 8 years
to designing sets,
building homes,
teaching college,
calibrating electronics in the Glendale power plant,
taking Asbestos out of schools,
producing and directing TV shows,
building special effects for theme parks and museums,
writing and producing stage plays,
to building schools, colleges, hospitals, and airports.
All the rest of those running for this office have issues. They make promises.
I don’t have issues. I just have a way of looking at problems and finding
simple, often unconventional solutions that actually work.

In short, the secret to my success in these various industries isn't a secret.
I can figure things out and make them work.
Because they have not done
the things I've done.