I am not a career politician
This is my Social Media,
metaphorically, I invite you to sit
for a while at my dinner table for
something home cooked. If you
are willing, from the appetizer to
the dessert. Shopped for,
planned, and prepared with you
in mind.
I was raised knowing how to feed pigs at the age of two. Back
then, they got the left over scraps. In Washington they are the
first in line at the public trough. That will change.
Most of my life, I made the choice to work at smaller companies, less
politics. Politics is a way to point fingers and hide incompetence.
For those who know me, have worked with me through the years,
I have created a “brand.” Always trying to exceed expectations..
  Tweeting is for the birds.
Facebook damages relationships.
 They are the JUNK FOOD and
remote communication.
I don't Twitter,
I don't Facebook