Why don't our representatives
listen to us?
Do you want to take the power away from the Koch Brothers? The George Soros’s? The whoever you
believe are the enemy of the people or the other side has been programmed to follow in lock step?
Countless times we have heard  multi-millionaires, billionaires tell us they do not need other people's
money, then immediately start taking donations at $10,000 and even $100,000 per plate fund-raiser
dinners? Most recently at Mar-a-Lago. That money buys influence and favors. As wealthy donors turn up
the hearing aids, the voices of the voters become distant, faint, background noise .  
It takes about 10 million dollars to elect a US Senator. We do not get what we pay for, we do get what someone
with lots of money paid for. A congress that represents the wealthy donors who funded their campaign. In the
end we, the voters, the tax payers pay. Those donations were an investment that returns dividends.
Do this!
Let this be the NAPSTER, the SPOTIFY that completely changes a billion dollar industry of political
corruption, PAC's, dark money, etc. A place where people make their own choices and find the power of
their own voices. This is the first step on that journey. Please join me and we will never again be faint
background noise.
They do listen. They just need a very expensive hearing aid.
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