Crisis Actors?
After all, these were a group of
men who were willing to start a
fight with the most powerful
empire on the planet at that time.
I've had guns all my life. Real
guns hung on the wall of my
bedroom when I was ten years
old. But the world and guns
have changed since 1963.
Yes, in the strictest sense of the
word "actor." Those young people
then and today are taking action,
fighting for what they believe to be
right based on their unbelievable
The NRA nay sayers dishonor our
founding fathers. If our founding
fathers saw the carnage those
students survived, the damage
done to the 17 who did not survive.
And they started a
Revolutionary War.
Over a tax on TEA!
Attacks on our
Today we do not have leaders
with the courage, the good
sense to do anything to stop
They would ACT! They absolutely
would do something to change it.
They would not parse their own
words of the Second Amendment.