Crisis Actors?
Those young, articulate survivors
speaking out for gun control after
the shooting at Marjory
Stoneman Douglas High School
were accused of being “crisis
actors” by those who do
everything in their power to not
act. Those who pay heated lip
service to upholding our rights
and honoring the work of our
Founding Fathers.
James Madison, 25. John Paul Jones, 28. Thomas Jefferson, 33.
Patrick Henry, 40. John Adams, 40. Paul Revere, 41. George Washington, 44.
Yes, they are young.
Just as so many of those
Founders were. The
average age of those
signing the Declaration
of Independence was 44.
Here are a few examples of our young, articulate Founding Fathers. From
the younger to that ripe old average of 44.
Marquis de Lafayette, 18. James Monroe, 18. Alexander Hamilton, 21.
    How dare they. How dare
anyone attack young, articulate
fellow Americans that are willing to
fight for what is right.
   They dishonor these FIRST
Americans and all of us with their
inflammatory rhetoric.