We cannot make America Great
       I am not willing to have
those who profit from cheaper
labor, drive a wedge between
me, a working man and others
who are more than willing to work
hard. Legal or illegal, I've worked
with them, sweat with them, bled
with them.
I am fiscally and socially conservative. Never
made a car payment. Live within my means.
The promise I made to my wife I keep.
This is a country filled with great people who all want many of the same
things. We are divided by how to get there, not by where we want to go.
I don't need anyone who cheats on
their wives lecturing me on "a
country of laws" when they can't
follow the simple rules of marriage.  
    I have built a lot of things. I am
surprised that someone who has
put his name on buildings wants
to build a wall isn't familiar with
something called a ladder.
   Many of those here illegally,
came with a Visa. Fix that.
By skipping over what is good!